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The Future of IoT and Smart Cities

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At SPT, we’re not just imagining the future; we’re creating it with our innovative wireless power technology. Envision a world where charging your devices is as effortless as connecting to Wi-Fi. Welcome to the world we’re building.

Why Choose Wireless Power?

Everywhere & Anytime: Power up devices from anywhere, without cords or daily battery changes. Whether it’s your smartwatch, home security camera, or a drone zipping through the sky, experience uninterrupted power. Our technology excels at charging rapidly moving objects, even those that spin, ensuring consistent energy delivery.
Safety First: Say goodbye to the risks of sending technicians to high-risk areas or climbing rooftops for maintenance. Our technology prioritizes safety without compromising on convenience.
A Greener Tomorrow: Beyond reducing electronic waste, we’re championing a vision where streets are devoid of tangled cables and our environment sees fewer discarded batteries.


Collaborations and Offerings

We’re more than a company; we’re a catalyst for change. By partnering with industry frontrunners, we’re pioneering new standards in wireless power solutions. Our flagship offering? Wireless power units are redefining the very essence of energy consumption.

Real-world Solutions

Factory Sensors: In the era of smart factories, sensors play a pivotal role, from machinery monitoring to inventory tracking. Our technology ensures these sensors recharge wirelessly, guaranteeing an uninterrupted data stream.
Public Transportation Signage: Busy transit hubs rely on digital signage to guide the masses. Our wireless tech ensures these signs never dim, offering real-time updates and enhancing the commuter journey.
Home Appliances: The contemporary home is a hub of convenience. Devices like robot vacuums, with our technology, operate longer and smarter, minimizing interruptions and maximizing automation.
Infrastructure Monitoring: As urban landscapes evolve, the need for vigilant infrastructure monitoring intensifies. Our wireless solutions not only power devices that keep a watchful eye on bridges, tunnels, and buildings but also extend to transportation systems and public utilities, ensuring safety, structural integrity, and timely maintenance.
Smart Devices: From tablets and wearables to smart home gadgets and augmented reality glasses, our wireless charging ensures a seamless digital experience. With our technology, your devices are not just powered; they’re empowered, ready to perform at a moment’s notice.


Experience Power, Wirelessly

Harness the power of SPT’s phased array-based beam forming technologies. It’s not just about transferring power; it’s about directing it with precision. Our technology ensures power reaches its intended target without fail.
Our technology transcends mere power; it embodies freedom. Freedom from cords, disruptions, and boundaries. It’s the evolution of Wi-Fi, but for power, ushering in a realm of endless possibilities. Our partners, armed with our tech, are set to redefine what devices can achieve.
Coming Soon: Our journey begins in Japan but knows no borders. After our grand showcase at the Osaka 2025 Expo, we’re set to electrify the world. Prepare for a revolution in wireless charging, from smartphones to moon rovers, all championed by esteemed institutions like MIC, NICT, and JAXA.

Join Our Vision

Business Partnerships: If you’re seeking to be at the forefront of technological innovation and want to collaborate with a team that’s redefining the future, contact us. Let’s shape tomorrow, together.
Investment Opportunities: For those who recognize the transformative potential of wireless power and wish to be part of this groundbreaking journey, contact us. Invest in a brighter, wire-free future.
Careers: Passionate about making a tangible difference? Eager to be part of a team that’s pushing boundaries? We’re always on the lookout for talent. Contact us to explore opportunities with us.




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